Latasha & Jordan 
May 21,2011

About Us

Jordan and I met early in my senior year of undergrad. He was good friends from home with one of my good guy friends at school. He came up one weekend and we just clicked. The first night we talked and joked about how much we despised our matching lg Chocolate phones. The next night we crossed paths at another party and shared some flirty moments but my friends left that party. He definitely left a lasting impression. You can only imagine how excited I was to check Facebook the next day and see 1 new friend request... It was him, and he was even better looking than I remembered ;o). I shot him a message and the next weekend we had our first date. A month later we were official and its been AMAZING ever since. 

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Works for a CT college in admissions, working on Masters in Education

Likes: Working out, running, all sports,The Office, music, the beach, New York Yankees

Dislikes: tomatoes, making phone calls, people without a sense of humor


Just graduated Physical Therapy school. Actively searching for a J.O.B and studying for the licensure exam!

Likes: running, sunshine, the beach, giving and receiving massages, best friends, music, day trips, Boston Red Sox

Dislikes: ignorance, spiders, Swiss cheese,